Hotel room reservation processes

The situation below shows the four processes for booking a room at a hotel. As soon as the button: Book a hotel, an overview is displayed with images, a title and a short description. After selecting a room, the room is shown and it is possible to reserve the room for a specific period.

Main menu

The screen below shows the main menu of the app. For the menu item: Interactive, a number of examples are illustrated to make it clear what is possible. The company logo can be displayed at the top and the buttons can be of one colour or of several colours. When the company needs few buttons, two columns may be interesting.


Overview hotel rooms

The screen below shows the overview of the hotel rooms. In this example, images have been shown to give the customer a good impression of the product range. At the bottom of the image a title and a short description are shown. The app is really finished when you use a lot of images. The font, colours and size used can also be adjusted.


Chosen hotel room

The screen below shows the information about the hotel room. One or more images can be shown at the top. Next, a title and a clear description are displayed. It is even possible to place html text for those who are familiar with graphic environments. At the bottom is a button: Reservation and if interested, the customer of the company will choose this button.


Personal data

The screen below shows the situation when one has chosen for the button: Reservation. The collection of personal data fields the company wants to have is configurable and below this four questions are asked, which can also be adjusted. For type fields like a date field a calendar will be shown and it is also possible to set which fields are obligatory to be filled in.